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Adopt a Class

Adopt A Class Foundation (AAC) is an area non-profit [501©(3)] group mentoring program designed to facilitate personal, sustained connections between members of the business community and students enrolled in pre-kindergarten through 8th grades. Found specifically within Title I schools, Adopt A Class helps establish mentor relationships with the purpose of providing positive role models and developing practical and social skills for the students and building the culture of philanthropy and teamwork for the business.

Schools participating in the AAC program have significantly high levels of poverty where most children participate in free lunch programs.

Poverty creates more than the obvious financial strain for children. It can also create an inconsistency that prevents proper development in mental, physical, social, and emotional health.

How we help your organization:

AAC provides businesses with a detailed School Year Schedule outlining basic activity for the entire school year. AAC also facilitates communication between the businesses and schools to ensure the program runs with ease. AAC programs are known to help businesses increase morale, cohesiveness, is a wonderful tool for team building and provides a vehicle to fulfill community involvement requirements.

This model requires a time commitment from the business of approximately 7-10 hours of participation per volunteer per school year. However, there are also numerous opportunities to become more involved through leadership within AAC and various established mentoring programs.

Please visit the Adopt A Class website at for more information.


John G. Carlisle would like to thank our current Adopters:

Clinical Trial and Consulting Services
Old Seminary Square
Gravity Diagnostics
City of Covington